Anton Koschany

Former Executive Producer, W5



Anton Koschany is a television journalist with more than 45 years’ experience as a news magazine and documentary producer, news correspondent, and program manager. Appointed executive producer of W5 in July of 2009, Koschany delivered hands-on investigative journalism for the program, including a 2015 report on the wrongful prosecution of a Canadian citizen as an international arms smuggler by the Canada Border Services Agency, which resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement, and a Canadian Association of Journalists Award for W5.

Koschany is also actively involved in CTV’s political journalism, serving as executive producer of the network’s elections coverage. He has also produced annual editions of CTV's interview special A Conversation with the Prime Minister, and served as executive producer of CTV's acclaimed biographical documentary Triumph & Treachery: The Brian Mulroney Story.

Prior to joining W5 as Senior Producer in 1998, Koschany was CTV National News’ Toronto Bureau Chief. As a reporter at CTV, his investigative reports exposed Agriculture Canada's international collusion in developing high-nicotine strains of tobacco, failings in Canada's witness protection program, and failure of the Canadian government to live up to international treaties regarding the death penalty. He also obtained exclusive interviews in the Guy Paul Morin wrongful conviction case.

He joined CTV in 1993 as a Field Producer for W5. Koschany also spent 12 years at the CBC as a producer with The Fifth Estate.

Koschany began his career as an assignment editor and reporter at BCTV (the then-CTV affiliate) in Vancouver where he created the first Canadian television labour beat and worked for Jack Webster, the legendary Vancouver journalist and talk radio/television host.

In 2020, Koschany was honoured with the Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, recognizing his exceptional body of work. With Koschany at the helm, W5 has received a number of prestigious awards and honours, including the Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards, the 2017 Canadian Screen Award for Best News or Information Program, the 2016 Canadian Screen Award for Best News or Information Segment, and the Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards.

During Koschany’s earlier tenure as senior producer of W5, the program was honoured with two Gemini Awards for Best News Information Series (2001 and 2005), several Silver World Medals from the New York Festivals, as well as numerous RTNDA awards. In 2000 he was honoured by the Genesis Awards for the documentary Cruel Cages, exposing the horrible conditions at roadside zoos in Canada.