An investigation has revealed disturbing and inhumane treatment of pigs as they are transported for slaughter at a Canadian processing facility.

With video captured on hidden camera, CTV’s W5 reveals how staff at a federally-monitored Alberta pork plant are captured on camera abusing animals.

Workers at Western Hog Exchange in Red Deer, Alta. can be seen using plastic bats to force pigs to move through crowded and overflowing pens.

The video recorded by Mercy for Animals Canada also shows facility workers forcing pigs that can barely walk to move by using electric prods and shoving them with gates as they are forced into their pens.

While the facility is federally monitored, inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency can be seen on the undercover footage oblivious to the abuse or even supplying plant workers with electric prods for use on the pigs.

A copy of the plant's manual tells employees that prods are not to be usedin the barn to move hogs.

At one point, as dead pigs are hauled off a trailer, a CFIA inspector can be heard saying: "If anybody has a camera, this’ll be on the Internet."

When shown the video recording, animal welfare expert Temple Grandin told W5 the treatment isn’t just unacceptable and inhumane, but would be a violation of U.S. Department of Agriculture rules in some cases.

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