2017/18 Archive Page

2017/18 Archive Page


The APA's George Iny speaks with W5's Kevin Newman (Brian Mellersh / W5)

Dealerships, automaker respond

Responses to the W5-APA investigation by Chrysler, Kia and Honda dealerships and the head office of Honda Canada.

W5's annual investigation into the auto industry, produced alongside the Automobile Protection Association, looks at new car sales and finds a perennial problem: extra fees and advertised vehicles at low prices that are available — but only if you're willing to wait months for delivery.

Inside the fees

The Automobile Protection Association’s compilation of extra charges added by Vancouver dealers in 2018 survey.


W5 Exclusive: Norman Barwin addresses the lawsuits

Extended video

Dr. Norman Barwin addresses early lawsuits against him in an interview obtained by W5.

iStock (BlackJack3D)

Fertility laws

There were other suits filed in 1995, 2009 and 2010 alleging sperm mix-ups quietly settled out of court.


ArcGIS W5 screengrab


Candid interviews with alleged sex abuse survivors & a lawyer who specializes in child sexual abuse lawsuits.

Jehovah's Witnesses world headquarters (W5)

What you likely didn't know

W5 offers some facts about the religious sect that you likely didn't know.



FEB 24

FEB 17

As early as  2010, men from Toronto's Gay Village began to vanish in what seemed like a pattern. Over the years the list of names grew. All men with similar profiles, all middle-aged, all gone without a trace. The community began to wonder if a serial killer was at work. In January 2018, police confirmed that theory when they charged landscaper Bruce McArthur with 5 homicides - and they say there will be more charges to come. Human remains have been found at a property linked to McArthur. None of these charges have been proven in court. <br><br>
These men are both confirmed and suspected victims of the accused serial killer.

PHOTO GALLERY: Who were the victims?

A look at the lives of the men who are alleged victims of accused serial killer Bruce McArthur.

W5 Missing Men Map Interactive

INTERACTIVE: Mapping the investigation

These are the key places in the lives of the missing and the murdered.

FEB 10


WATCH: Space Race

Discovery's Dan Riskin looks back at the high-stakes race between the U.S. and the USSR to get the first satellites into Earth's orbit.

WATCH: Hockey Mom

TSN's Rick Westhead has the inspiring story of Connie Radunske, mother of a Canadian Olympian who will play for South Korea in Pyeongchang.

JAN 27

JAN 20


Animated Timeline

How things unfolded on Dec. 6, 1917, when the bustling port city of Halifax was levelled.

W5 commemorates 100 years since the Halifax Explosion. Scroll through the historical photos that capture the devastation, the drama and the remarkable resilience of the survivors.

Photo Gallery

Scroll through historical photos that capture the devastation and resilience of the survivors.

Frank Baker is seated on the left with a camera on his lap. He wrote his diary between October 1917 and January 1918. (Dartmouth Heritage Museum)

Sailor's diary

An excerpt of a diary by sailor Frank Baker, who tells the harrowing story of the deadly blast.

NOV 11


OCT 21

OCT 14




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