As a certified Tea Sommelier and Founder of, the number one thing I try to do to make our blends unique is to steer away from that “One Size Fits All” approach with tea. For example, typically when you ask someone, Do you like tea? The answer is a fairly common one such as “Yeah, I’m a black drinker” or “I enjoy green tea sometimes” etc.

Our goal is instead of offering blends you think you will enjoy based on your previous tea habits, we prescribe a tea for any and all of your desires.

Here are a few common questions I get when I offer to prescribe a tea based on someone’s desires or goals:

“I’m looking to reduce the amount of coffee I drink in one day, though I can’t deal with the withdrawls”
This is a great goal to have. Coffee, while not necessarily all that bad for you certainly doesn’t have so many health benefits either and can sometimes lead to caffeine withdrawal, jitters, nausea and tummy issues. So why do people love coffee?

Easy answer of course, the caffeine. Second, it’s the simple pleasure received when enjoying each sip of coffee, especially the first of the day. It’s a feeling that just maybe it will be a good day afterall. It can be hard to reduce the intake of such a full bodied beverage. So what tea can top that?

Go for a full bodied black tea. Particularly one that holds dairy and sugar well if you enjoy that added. Black blends with chai spice are a great option as they naturally are full bodied on their own but can really simulate the texture of coffee when dairy is added. I personally recommend Chai Love You , A black chai blend laced with lavender, rose and natural notes of dark chocolate A truly decadent experience. After one sip, you’ll be thinking “Coffee who?”

The benefits of this not so guilty indulgence are increased mental focus and energy from the levels of caffeine (minus the crash, jitters etc). This results in a longer sustained energy. Black tea is also known to help increase cardiovascular health while chai spices have been said to be mentally revitalizing and mood stabilizing. Random health benefit: Black tea is great for oral health too as it helps reduce bad breath bacteria which can lead to cavities.

“Sometimes it takes forever to get rid of cold. How can I shake off, or prevent it all together?”
An appropriate desire, especially for this time of year. A Japanese Sencha green tea is loaded in antioxidants, vitamins and polyphenols which will be very helpful to boost your immune system to prevent a cold. If you already are plagued by a cold, a sencha blended with ginger and lemongrass will not only fight your cold by boosting your immune system but also acts as a natural decongestant. Adding a touch of honey will soothe a sore throat. What more could you want from a cold combating tea? Shake it Off is literally the perfect blend to well shake it off!

“I need something to help with digestion and reduce the inescapable bloating I get from having dinner”
Fennel has been long known to naturally stimulate digestion and reduce bloating. We’ve
created Show me the Honey, a blend of fennel, herbs and fruit to enjoy before and after
dinner to really reduce the negative effects poor digestion. Fennel will also help break down carbs faster and has been known to help reduce blood pressure. Not only great to enjoy after dinner, though the perfect blend to wind down into a good nights rest as well.

“My food cravings are out of control, I need to reduce this and find something to compliment my overall health and weight loss goals”
I love talking about this goal. Why? Because my prescription is essentially “the super freak” of beverages. Yerba Mate has been a popular plant and beverage amongst South American’s for years. This beverage has been known to speed up metabolism so you can burn calories faster. It can also sustain hunger so that you feel more full throughout the day. It also contains 90% more antioxidants than green tea and is loaded with many of the important minerals, vitamins etc that you will find in vegetables. Finally, what makes this plant truly special is its ability to provide mental focus and energy. There are CEO’s that swear by this tea to improve productivity and creativity. We’ve blended ours (Skinny in the City) with a hint of lemon to help fush out toxins. I like to call it the “Jacked up” version of the popular trend of lemon water today.

How are you feeling, what is your goal? Chat with myself or our team of tea specialist live at We’ll prescribe a tea for any and all of your desires.