QUEBEC - A Taser did not kill an Italian immigrant who died last year while he was in the custody of Quebec City police, a coroner's report said Tuesday.

However, Quebec coroner Jean Brochu says authorities waited too long to administer appropriate medical care to Claudio Castagnetta.

Castagnetta, 32, died in September 2007 from self-inflicted head wounds while he was being detained by Quebec City police.

His death came two days after officers shocked him four times using a stun gun at a convenience store.

At that time, Castagnetta appeared disoriented and refused to leave the store.

Witnesses said he resisted when police attempted to handcuff him and was struck several times with the stun gun.

The coroner says the Taser was not the cause of death.

But he says people who have been hit with a stun gun should always be evaluated by a doctor.

The Italian government has complained to the Quebec government about the speed with which the province addressed the matter.

No criminal charges have been laid in the case.