It’s the kind of moment every arena kiss-cam wishes it could capture.

An excited Toronto Raptors fan leaning in to give his girlfriend a peck on the cheek, only to kiss air as she coldly leans away. The non-kiss, captured by TSN cameras at Game 5 of the Raptors’ first-round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, quickly went viral as an animated GIF.

But the jilted boyfriend, 24-year-old Matt Muszak, got his elusive kiss from Sandra Chenier on Friday at a pre-game Raptors rally in Maple Leaf Square before Game 6.

The couple were invited on stage to watch the now-famous dodge.

“Let’s make amends!” shouted the on-stage host, before Muszak got a quick kiss from Sandra, his girlfriend of six months.

The Raps themselves will look to make amends when they face the Brooklyn Nets in Toronto on Sunday for a deciding Game 7 showdown. The Raptors could have closed out their first-round series in Brooklyn with a win on Friday, but ended up losing 97-83, sending the series back to the Air Canada Centre tied at 3-3.

The winner of Sunday’s game will play the star-studded Miami Heat. For the Raptors, a second-round matchup with Miami would mean another chance to make amends.

Former Raptor Chris Bosh, who left Toronto in 2010, now plays for the Heat. Many in Toronto felt jilted when Bosh opted to sign in Miami instead of re-signing with the Raps.