Even Oprah Winfrey has Raptors fever.

The famed talk show host and entertainment mogul was in Montreal Sunday night for a stop on her Your Path Made Clear book tour sporting a Toronto Raptors jacket.

In a video posted to Instagram, Winfrey toys with wearing a personalized jersey for her show.

“But the Raptors won and they gave me my own jersey,” she said in response to someone off camera suggesting she wear her “pretty dress” instead of the Raptors gear.

She settled on wearing a jacket over top of the dress.

“Everyone says Canadians are kind and that was proven especially true in Montreal tonight. Thank you for giving me your Sunday night, I loved being with you. Enjoy the Toronto @raptors parade tomorrow! #PathMadeClear,” she posted to Instagram.

Winfrey also wore a Raptors jersey to meet with reporters in Montreal on Sunday.

She clearly held no grudge after the Toronto stop on her tour was cancelled several days before she was to appear at the Scotiabank Arena on Friday. It was axed after the Raptors lost Game 5 on Monday. Game 7, which ended up not being necessary because the Raptors clinched in Oakland in Game 6, was scheduled for Toronto on Sunday.