BOCA RATON, Fla. -- The NHL general managers meetings were dominated by talk of the goalie interference rule Monday.

GMs from the league's 31 teams spent three hours going over the rule that has caused blood to boil at times this season.

Coaches were given the option to challenge for goalie interference this season, with referees looking at a tablet by the penalty box while communicating with the league's hockey operations department.

But with the on-ice officials getting the final say in the heat of the moment, there have been some high-profile decisions that left players and coaches furious.

Colin Campbell, the league's senior executive vice-president of hockey operations, went over video with the GMs in a boardroom at the posh Boca Beach Club to explain some of the calls. He had them vote on whether or not a play should be ruled goalie interference or not to demonstrate how difficult it is to arrive at a consensus.

NHL referee Dan O'Halloran also made a presentation to the managers, whose meetings continue through Wednesday.