WINNIPEG -- The CFL's vice-president of officiating says new rules being voted on May 8 look to raise the bar on respect and sportsmanship this season.

Glen Johnson was in Winnipeg on Wednesday as he meets with team officials across the country to discuss officiating, including proposed new rules.

Among them are stricter curbs on taunting and objectionable conduct, including abuse of officials, hits away from the play, low blocks from the front and so-called peel-back blocks.

There will be expanded use of the replay with automatic reviews of all turnovers and the ability to review pass interference both when a call is made and when one isn't.

Teams and their quarterbacks will be able to prepare and use their own game balls this season and Johnson said officials will be held to a high standard as well, with those that are performing the best working more.

The league's board of governors must vote on all the proposed changes but he says, historically, they have usually given their approval.