A little girl with a 3-D printed hand is trying to break a record for the most ceremonial first pitches, and Major League Baseball teams are lining up to help.

According to The Bleacher Report, Hailey Dawson, 7, was born without three fingers on her throwing hand and uses a 3-D printed hand to play her favorite sport.

Dawson is hoping to someday set a Guinness World Record by throwing out the most ceremonial first pitches at major league stadiums.

The University of Las Vegas engineering department designed the hand in 2014, which they’ve named the Flexy Hand 2.

According to the school, it’s held together with fishing line and Dawson controls the fingers with the muscles in her wrist. She needs a new one every year as she grows.

In her quest to throw as many first pitches as possible, Dawson has already knocked the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles off her list.

Since the story broke a couple days ago, MLB teams have lined up to have Dawson visit their stadium.

According to recordsetter.com, the current record holder for most first pitches at MLB parks is Tom Willis, who boasts 24 pitches on his site. He was born without arms and uses his feet to throw the ball.