Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard has every intention of holding up her end of a deal she made with a Twitter fan on Sunday night.

In a tweet posted on Monday afternoon, the popular tennis player announced that she would stay true to her word and on a date with the Twitter user who bet her that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl.

“Lol it made a Twitter moment. And I will do it, I stay true to my word,” Bouchard wrote.

The story began earlier on Sunday evening when the Atlanta Falcons were sailing over the New England Patriots with a 28 to 3 lead during the first half of the game, Bouchard tweeted: “I knew Atlanta would win.”

In response to Bouchard’s post, a Twitter user with the handle @punslayintwoods boldly asked her if she would agree to a date, if the Patriots made a comeback and won the game.

The game appeared to be in the bag for the Falcons and the 43rd world-ranked tennis player coolly took her fan up on the offer with a simple “sure.”

To the shock of Bouchard and millions of viewers around the world, superstar quarterback Tom Brady and running back James White led the Patriots to the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, winning the game 34 to 28 in overtime.

The popular tennis player and social media celebrity (she has nearly one million followers on Twitter and more than 1.2 million on Instagram) expressed her disbelief at the game’s result by tweeting “Omfg.”

True to her word, Bouchard followed up with her victorious better by asking her prospective date for some more information.

“So…where do you live?” she wrote.

Her eager fan quickly responded that Chicago’s home but school’s in Missouri, and adding: “We can go on a date where ever (sic) you want!” with a winking emoji at the end of the message.

It’s unknown if the tennis star will keep her promise. As of Monday morning, there weren’t any more tweets sorting out the logistical arrangements for the potential date.

Bouchard did, however, express her regret.

“Lesson learned. Never bet against Tom Brady,” she posted with an accompanying angel face emoji.

The exchange between the pair garnered thousands of likes and comments on Twitter with many users stating how jealous they were of @punslayintwoods for successfully baiting Bouchard into a possible date.