A group of Philadelphia Eagles fans who found a player’s lost cellphone during the Super Bowl parade have returned the phone, but not before taking a selfie and meeting the NFL champion.

Eagles rookie cornerback Sidney Jones’ was with several of his teammates in Philadelphia on Thursday as they celebrated the Eagles' 41-33 Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots when his phone popped out of his pocket.

In speaking with CTV News Channel from Holland, Penn., Colleen and Maddie Wismer, sisters who were among the fans who found the phone, say another Eagles player saw their teammate’s phone on the ground and just passed it to them, thinking it was theirs.

“We said: ‘No, it’s one of yours, it’s a player’s’ and he was a little excited and said: ‘oh, well keep it,’” Colleen said.

The sisters say they were shocked when they pressed the home button on the phone and it just opened up without requesting a passcode.

“We decided to post a picture on Instagram because we figured it was a way to have fun with it, but not be invasive,” said Maddie.

The photo posted on Jones’ Instagram account shows several smiling fans with the caption “Guess who dropped their phone at the parade," and a promise to return it.

After posting the selfie, the group noticed Jones was part of a group chat with a bunch of other players on the Eagles’ defense. They messaged the group to say they had the phone and wanted to return it.

“He actually facetimed us--which was really cool--and told us to meet him,” said Colleen.

The group of fans then met Jones and took yet another image for Instagram. The picture shows Jones surrounded by the fans with the hashtag “#RealLove.”

“It was awesome, he kept saying: ‘You guys are the best. Thank you guys so much,” Maddie said.

The sisters say watching the Eagles win their first Super Bowl on Sunday was “an emotional experience.”

“It means the world to our whole family. We are die-hard fans,” Colleen said. – took quotes out

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Guess who dropped their phone at the parade!!!! We will return it

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The awesome fans that brought my phone back to me�������� #RealLove

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