After Germany pulled off a stunning upset over Canada in men’s hockey at the Olympics, a German public office is asking for their citizens to act as Canadians when interacting with them.

Germany beat Canada 4-3 in the semifinals on Friday in Pyeongchang. The win guaranteed Germany at least a silver medal while Canada will be forced to play for bronze.

The German Foreign Office urged Germans to be nice to Canadians following the upset, suggesting buying them some hot chocolate and to: “just imagine how you would feel if Canada beat us in soccer.”

The Foreign Office’s tweet has received more than 4,900 likes as of Friday afternoon and among them, a like from Canada’s official Twitter account.

The German Embassy in Ottawa is also jumping in on the “buy Canadians hot chocolate” bandwagon by offering free cups of cocoa on Monday morning.

German hockey fans have reason to at least slightly rub in the faces of Canadians, however. Germany had a 1-27-1 Olympic record against Canada coming into the gam

Germany’s best previous Olympic finish was a bronze in 1932. West Germany also won bronze in 1976. The 2018 team is already guaranteed a silver medal.

Despite the caution, German hockey fans and German NHL players took to twitter to celebrate the win and slightly rub it in the face of their Canadian counterparts.

Canadian fans still sour over the loss might take some solace as Germany seems unlikely to takedown the powerhouse Olympic athletes from Russia for gold, but as they witnessed on Friday, anything can happen.