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A dream month kicks off for soccer fans across Canada


It’s one of the only sports on the planet with two different names depending on what side of the pond you’re from.

Though, whether you call it soccer or football, this June will be a fantasy month for football fanatics across Canada and the world.

The Euro Cup is now off to a roaring start with Germany beating Scotland, 5-1, and for the next four weeks, the best soccer players in Europe will be pounding the pitch.

Then, on June 20th, Canadians will come together when Canada’s men’s team laces up at the Copa America Tournament against Lionel Messi and World Cup Champions, Argentina.

With soccer madness kicking off this week, fans are making the pilgrimage to watering holes across the country to celebrate the beautiful game.

At the downtown Toronto Pub, Scotland Yard, allegiances were made clear for game one of the European tournament.

Sitting with his first pint two hours before kickoff, Chris Smith, who just moved to Canada two months ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, admitted that while his home nation might not be the favourites, football is still “a religion” in Scotland, and fans are "passionate about our country and team.”

In a country as culturally diverse as Canada, that passion is being shared from coast, to coast to coast.

This Euro Cup is taking place on German soil and the desire to win at home burns deep for fans cheering on Deutschland.

“This is huge if we win this on our own turf; we got to bring this home” shared German fan Joe Maynard, who spoke to CTV News while taking a bite of his bratwurst at the popular Toronto bar and restaurant, Wvrst.

Twenty-four nations will take the pitch during this edition of the Euro Cup, including Ukraine, for whom the Euro Cup is about more than just football glory; it’s an escape.

Though the hard truth is 23 nations will be sent packing at some point, and only one will lift the cup and reign supreme. Footy fanatics, like almost all sports fans, tolerate the agony while in pursuit of soccer glory.

When it comes to the favourites, many are picking the host nation Germany. The other top countries with the best odds to win include, France, Portugal, Spain and England, who lost in the finals of the last Euro Cup in 2020.

Pondering who could win it all, soccer journalist John Molinaro, like many, is doing his best to predict a winner of a tournament with a well established history of dark horses.

“Germany, they’re certainly going to be considered one of the favourites” says Molinaro. “I know England; every time there’s a major tournament, their fans expect them to do well. I really think this could be the year where they finally break through.”

It will indeed be a wild ride. Buckle in football fans, soccer is again taking its rightful place at the centre of the sports world to kick off the summer. Top Stories


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