A young B.C. man with possible gang connections was shot to death in Vancouver early Saturday, and police said a lack of witnesses may make the case "next to impossible" to solve.

The fatal shooting happened after a fight outside the Lang Luong Hai Lua Vietnamese restaurant, at the corner of Nanaimo Street and Broadway.

As many as 20 people may have been involved in the fight. When police arrived, they found a 25-year-old victim and rushed him to hospital, but he later died from his wounds.

"It has all the trademarks of gang activity," said Const. Tim Fanning.

He said that everyone involved in the fight scattered before police arrived, leaving the young victim bleeding on the street.

"Everybody runs," said Fanning. "They're not going to cooperate with police so we're facing a difficult situation. These (cases) are next to impossible to solve unless we have videos or witnesses to help us."

Police did interview one possible witness - a man who lives above the restaurant. But he said he had no idea who the victim was.

Those who live in the East Vancouver neighbourhood say the restaurant is busy late into the night.

"After midnight, places should be closed and quiet, but still, lots of people come and go there," said neighbour Romeo Calizon.

The victim is expected to be identified after an autopsy on Tuesday.

With a report by CTV's Jina You in Vancouver