A second Ontario woman has been arrested after police said she collected donations to help fight a deadly cancer she never had.

The Timmins Police Service announced on Friday that they were investigating allegations that a local woman fraudulently obtained money and other donations to fund her cancer treatment.

Jessica Ann Leeder, 21, was arrested in Timmins on Friday.

Police allege Leeder has pretended to have stomach and lung cancer for the last several months.

According to a news release, "It is alleged that she doesn't, and has never had cancer."

Timmins police continue their investigation and believe more people and businesses may have donated to the suspect.

"We haven't had anything occur like this, as far as I know," Timmins Sgt. Danny Charest told CTV News, before alluding to a similar case in southern Ontario.

The arrest comes days after Ashley Kirilow, of Burlington, admitted in court that she faked terminal cancer and kept thousands of dollars from sympathetic donors.

On Tuesday she pleaded guilty to a single count of fraud. She is expected to be sentenced in January.