The search for a Toronto woman missing in the woods on the rugged north shore of Lake Superior will continue Monday.

As of Monday, Christina Calayca, 20, will have been missing for a full week since she went for an early-morning jog during a camping trip at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, about 180 kilometres east of Thunder Bay, Ont.

There are no signs of foul play; in fact, almost no clues at all.

Christina's mother, Elizabeth Rutledge, got some disheartening news on Sunday. Police told her that divers were coming to search nearby lakes.

"This is not a comment that searchers have given up hope in this situation. It's just another resource to make sure a thorough search is being conducted," said Sgt. Deb Tully of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Rutledge tried to stay positive. "She is here. She is waiting for us to find her. She's just tired of walking," she told reporters.

Calayca's family said earlier Sunday they were frustrated because authorities had excluded them from search efforts.

"Many of her relatives, her uncles -- including my husband -- as soon as they heard, they went right up there hoping to join in the search for her," Karen Caguicla, Christina's aunt, told CTV Newsnet.

"Unfortunately, because of the rough terrain it's just so easy to get injured. Two officers, as well as a dog, got lost and officers were injured so that can just tell you how difficult it is."

The family finally joined the search and now understands why they were kept away.

Norberto Caguicla, a cousin of Christina, said: "There's times when it got really thick, and to get through it, I just had to cover my eyes and muscle my way through so we could keep the line."

Searcher Ron Bousfield said: "She's in trouble if she's out there. I wouldn't want to be stuck out there alone."

Up to 80 civilian searchers were out Sunday, working in an eight-kilometre radius from the search's centre point. A police helicopter and civilian volunteer pilots have searched from above.

On Saturday, the Ontario Provincial Police found a footprint they said could belong to the missing woman.

"There was some similarity, so that's certainly a point of interest for searchers," Tully said.

The family will be holding a vigil for Calayca next Wednesday at 6:15 p.m. at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Scarborough, Ont.

With a report from CTV's Paul Bliss and files from The Canadian Press