PENTICTON, B.C. - Police in Nevada say they're still looking for a British Columbia man whose wife survived nearly two months in the backcountry while her husband went for help.

Rita and Albert Chretien disappeared in March while driving from their home in Penticton, B.C., to a trade show in Las Vegas.

A group of hunters found Rita 49 days later still in the couple's van, but Albert, who left the vehicle in search of help, hasn't been seen since.

The sheriff's office in Elko County said in August that the official search had ended, but now officials say they have continued to search during the past several months.

A news release says the search has focused on several steep canyons and waterways near where the van was located, and will continue when the weather allows.

Rita Chretien spoke about her ordeal for the first time in October, telling a Christian television program that she assumes her husband is dead, but that she nonetheless still holds out hope he could return.