YouTube stars were out in full force Sunday night as the popular video-sharing site livestreamed its inaugural halftime show.

Canadian EpicMealTime creator Harley Morenstein hosted the show, which aimed to rival the Super Bowl’s mid-game extravaganza.

Set before a live studio audience, the show featured a musical guest, fake ad spots, science experiments – even a guest appearance by celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew.

Popular YouTube stars Freddy Wong, Rhett Mclaughlin and Toby Turner joined Morenstein as the 45-minute show kicked off with a pre-recorded musical number featuring popular YouTube artists and creators.

Throughout the show, Morenstein encouraged viewers to vote for their favourite Super Bowl commercials on YouTube’s AdBlitz channel.

While more eyes were on the Super Bowl halftime show, which featured pop stars Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, Morenstein and his video-star brethren likely attracted their own legion of fans: Each have millions of subscribers to their respective YouTube channels.

The reaction over social media was mostly positive: