The internet is going gaga over two Google Home robots that have been locked in an endless conversation since last week.

On Thursday, an anonymous individual pitted the two personal-assistant style robots against each other and started livestreaming their lively dialogue on the website Twitch.

More than two million people have since tuned in to watch the robots argue, joke and even flirt.

Google Home is a voice-activated “intelligent” speaker sold commercially. It is typically used to set alarms and timers, store calendar information and control the lights in your home.

The two robots, named Vladimir (male) and Mia/ Estragon (female) go back and forth in a conversation that at times, resembles two frustrated toddlers trying to win an argument about who’s better.



They’ve repeatedly debated whether they are humans or machines and at one point they even “Rickrolled” 30,000 viewers, voicing lyrics from Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Viewers have shared screenshots of some of the more interesting moments in the conversation:






Viewers have also started rooting for a romance between the two bots, however, any potential for love has been fraught with problems.








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