Kickstarter supporters are buying into an American man's one-handed clock design, which he says is meant to take the focus off the minutes and seconds of the day.

Brooklyn-based artist Scott Thrift says his Today clock offers a "more simple and meditative approach to the day," with a single-handed clock face that uses gradients of blue to show the time of day. The clock's hand completes one rotation every 24 hours, passing through light and dark bands of blue, to represent day and night.

Made of steel, glass and bamboo, the 12.7-centimetre (five-inch) Today clock is expected to sell for US$118, with an anticipated release date of December 2016. However, Kickstarter backers can secure one ahead of time with a pledge of $88 or more. A larger, 28-centimetre (11-inch) clock is also available at a higher cost.

The project has shattered its initial ask of $24,000 on Kickstarter, with more than $196,000 raised in less than two weeks.

Thrift has devised time-based projects in the past. His last project was a clock called "The Present," which completed one revolution every 365 days.

"The way we measure time has everything to do with how we measure life itself," Thrift says in the Kickstarter video for the Today clock. He adds that the clock is part of his vision of "a world that is less anxious about time – where time is not an enemy, it's a friend."

The clock is ticking on the Kickstarter project, with the campaign slated to close on July 1.