Astronomy Ireland says it received multiple reports of two fireballs sightings where people described seeing bright green streaks In the skies over the Emerald Isle on Monday night.   

The first report came in around 6:50 p.m. GMT, according to Astronomy Ireland’s Facebook page. There are hundreds of comments on the post frompeople reporting the “spectacular” sighting.

“Dad saw it from the farmyard here near Camolin Co. Wexford. Very spectacular,” wrote one person. While another individual said it was like seeing “a green ball of fire.” A fireball is also known as a bright meteor and is quite rare to see, according to Astronomy Ireland.

Astronomy and night photographer Stephen Cheatley tweeted that he witnessed an “incredible fireball meteor streaking through the Milky Way,” on Monday. “It was absolutely amazing to see, it lasted about 5 seconds and left a bright green trail.”

Astronomy Ireland said there was another fireball spotted around 10:50 p.m. GMT on Monday. They’re encouraging anyone who saw the fireballs to contact them.