Gamers shared their confusion online after Sony tweeted that one of its Playstation controller’s buttons was actually called the ‘cross’ and not the ‘X’ most gamers appear to have long believed.

Despite the gaming company’s recent Twitter poll, which found a resounding 81 per cent of gamers pronounced the bottom button like the alphabet letter ‘X’, Sony said they were all wrong.

The entertainment giant said gamers should be calling that controller button the “cross” instead.

One person tweeted that “anyone who calls it the ‘cross button’ is clearly an undercover cop” while others tweeted GIFs dismissing anyone who called it the “cross.”

One gamer tweeted that even game developers seemed to have missed the memo. “It's always been called that in every single game I've played that has a tutorial. They always say ‘press the X button’ plus it's a million times easier to say,” they wrote.

Another person jokingly tweeted a photo of the control with a Christian cross as the button, writing: “How have I not noticed this before?”

Another user, claiming to be German, tweeted, “we call it X because the German word for cross is terrible as an alternative for X.”