A Calgary rooster who lost both of his feet – most likely due to frostbite – is able strut his stuff again, thanks to some thoughtful researchers and a 3D printing technology.

Foghorn was seized by a Calgary bylaw officer earlier this year after losing both his feet. University of Calgary veterinarian Daniel Pang heard about the animal's inability to walk and wanted to help.

Pang knew fellow veterinary researcher Mark Ungrin had access to a 3D printer, so he approached him and proposed making two new feet.

Ungrin tasked undergraduate engineering student Douglas Kondro with the challenge.

Kondro scanned Foghorn’s stumps, scanned some wild turkey feet and used computer modelling to design prosthetics.

He “printed off” the new feet and painted them with silicone “so they’d be sturdy but flexible and soft for the rooster.”

The first attempt didn’t work, but after some modifications, Foghorn was mobile again.

“It was pretty exciting to see him strut around," Kondro said.

Foghorn seems excited too. He’s now strutting around on an acreage near the town of Didsbury, Alta.

With a report from CTV Calgary