An 85-year-old Italian woman’s struggles with her new Google Home have gone viral, after her grandson recorded video of her tapping the device and shouting “Hello, Goo Goo!” in an attempt to wake it up.

Ben Actis recorded the video at a family gathering in Florida, where his grandmother Maria tried to use the new Google Home Mini that Ben’s girlfriend gave her.

The Actis family can be heard trying to coach Maria through her interactions with the device, as she struggles to activate it with the “wake” words “OK Google” or “Hey Google.”

“Goo goo! What is weather today?” she asks, tapping on the device. “He want to know what is the weather.”

The device eventually answers her with the forecast, startling her out of her seat. “I’m scared,” the woman says. “Is a mystery. Oh my gosh!”

The Actis family then tries to coach her through requesting a song with the device.

“OK, do it!” Maria says to the Google Home.

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times since Dec. 27.

Heavy pre-Christmas discounts on Google Home and Amazon Echo have made the virtual assistants a common sight in many households in 2018, although some adopters are having a harder time than others with the voice-activated technology.