Lego has revealed a sneak peek of what to expect when its latest Star Wars set goes on sale in May.

The limited-edition Red-Five X-Wing Starfighter will retail for $200 when it officially launches and while it is by no means the company's first Star Wars-themed toy or even its first attempt at creating an X-Wing Fighter from Lego bricks, it is the most detailed and intricate version produced to date and includes new pieces developed specifically to capture even more details that fans of the original film will be familiar with.

Chief among these is a reworked cockpit that now includes the targeting computer, made famous in "Episode IV" of the franchise, as well as reworked exhaust ports and a new mechanism to "lock S-foils in attack position." As the chief designer on the project explains in a video: "I based the model on the classic Episode IV, more specifically on the Death Star attack and trench run. I've been watching those scenes over and over again just to look at the details."

The set includes 1,558 pieces and the finished model will measure 26cm x 52cm x 46cm when built, and though owners will be tempted to run around their lounge (or their bedroom if they have guests) re-enacting one of the most famous scenes in modern movie history, the X-Wing also comes with a solid stand so that it can be displayed safely on a shelf or in a cabinet when completed.

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