Banff National Park has recorded its first grizzly bear sighting of 2015 -- a legendary beast tagged No. 122 but better known locally as 'The Boss.'

The Boss crept out of his winter den and posed for a remote camera at a research station near Castle Junction on March 19, according to a tweet from Banff National Park.

The grizzly, believed to weigh around 300 kilograms, or between 600 and 700 pounds, is infamous for once killing and eating a black bear.

He is also known for fathering all three of the offspring belonging to the female grizzly No. 64, and two cubs belonging to No. 72 in the Lake Louise area.

It's the season's first confirmed sighting of a bear in the park, but others are expected to follow as warmer weather brings the carnivores out of their dens to search for food.

Park officials are asking visitors and residents to be wary of the unpredictable animals and to carry bear spray in the backcountry.