As part of its new "Sora Raku" delivery service, Rakuten's drones will be helping players and staff at the Camel Golf Resort in Japan.

The "Sora Raku" drone delivery service by Rakuten will launch on May 9. Its first client is the Camel Golf Resort in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, where drones will take part in a month-long pilot project.

In a press release published on April 25, Rakuten explains that the delivery service, which uses a "Tenku" drone, will be used to "deliver golf equipment, snacks, beverages and other items to players at pickup points on the golf course."

Players on the course will be able to use an Android app to place orders and track their delivery. The same app manages payment for the order.

If the pilot is successful, Rakuten will consider offering the service to other golf courses and, eventually, expand the service to "the utilization of drones for deliveries in sparsely populated areas and mountainous regions, in transporting supplies during disasters and in its e-commerce businesses".