A new Canadian job listing seeking a Toronto-based music programmer suggests that Apple's music-streaming service is about to expand beyond the U.S..

iTunes Radio, currently only available in the U.S., is a free, ad-supported service built into the latest version of the iTunes software and the music player on iPhones and iPads.

It enables users to build their own radio stations based on music styles, moods and genres or to listen to curated stations.

And although it has only been live since September 18, it already has 11 million users.

Apple has big plans for the service: it hopes that by using iTunes Radio to showcase albums and individual tracks before they're released, that its hundreds of millions of iTunes account holders will find discovering new genres or artists they might like much easier and therefore click through to the iTunes Store to make purchases on a more regular basis.

As such, it wants to launch the service globally, in the same way it has the iTunes music and film store.

However, every territory requires individual rights negotiations and licensing agreements; therefore Apple appears to be taking the roll-out one step at a time and, due to the delicate nature of such negotiations, the company has not made any official announcements as to when the service will be coming to other countries.

However, the job posting -- first discovered by 9to5Mac -- is a big hint that for Canada at least, negotiations are nearing their conclusion and a launch is on the horizon.