A Winnipeg man is demanding answers from Samsung after he says his smartphone exploded in his hand, sending him to hospital.

Amarjit Mann, 34, says he was driving on Sunday morning, when he felt his Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone getting warm in his pocket.

When he pulled over and took the phone out, Mann says it exploded, causing second-degree burns on his hands and third-degree burns on his wrists.

"This is a nightmare for me, I've never seen anything like this," Mann told CTV Winnipeg, explaining that he feels lucky he wasn't holding the phone to his ear when it happened.

"I should've lost my eyes, or my cheeks or anything could have happened," he said.

Mann threw the phone out of his vehicle, which he says helped limit the damage to himself and his car.

"I luckily threw it outside. It should have damaged my whole car. I just saw smoke and nothing else," he said.

Mann says he's been told by doctors that he can't work in his job as a mechanic for at least four weeks.

Samsung Canada says it cannot comment on the specific incident without examining Mann's smartphone.

"Customer safety remains our highest priority and we remain committed to working with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product," a spokesperson wrote to CTV News.

Mann says he is returning his phone to Samsung.

The S7 is one of two smartphones being offered as a replacement for the recalled Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled after reports of exploding batteries.

Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in September, a month before the company said it will no longer produce the devices.

With a report from CTV Winnipeg's Emad Agahi