How do you solve a problem like earphones that won’t actually stay in your ears? A Canadian company says it has the answer in the form of a small, inexpensive clip to “make them stay put.”

Industrial design firm OHM has developed the SPRNG clip, made specifically to fit the Earpods that come with Apple’s iPhone 5, the seventh generation iPod Nano and the fifth generation iPod Touch.

The clip is essentially a small, adjustable plastic rod that fits over the Earbuds to hold them in place.

OHM’s Kirk Mosna said his company was looking for a simple project during a slow period, and quickly turned to developing a product to solve a common complaint: that Apple’s Earpods just don’t stay put.

“So rather than throw your Apple Earpod away, we figured we could make use of it because it’s a good product,” Mosna told CTV’s Canada AM. “It’s beautiful and it sounds really good, but the problem is that sometimes…it falls out.”

Mosna said one hurdle they had to overcome was that everyone’s ears are different, so making a one-size-fits-all product might have proven difficult. And because he wanted his intern, David Mackie, to have something to do while the company was between projects, he sent him out to photograph people’s ears.

That allowed the team to identify a fold of skin common to ears big and small, “and we tried to engage it as frequently as possible and in as many sizes as we could,” said designer Steve Orzel.

One of the key features of the SPRNG clip’s design is a sliding adjustment piece that allows it to fit most ears.

The SPRNG clip sells for US$10 and shipping is free throughout Canada and the United States. The product can be bought online at