Those without any immediate plans to go skiing, sky diving or parasailing may find adventure lies close to home in hitching Fido to GoPro and partaking in his leaps, bounds, hunts and explorations.

It's GoPro's first pet accessory, a harness upon which the Hero camera can be mounted on both the chest and the back. To see pet- and other animal-produced footage from GoPro, visit the company's video channel Furry Friends and the Wild Animals channel.

GoPro Fetch is adjustable to fit dogs ranging in size from 15lbs (7kg) to 120lbs (54kg) and is said to be capable of withstanding the mud, water and snow in which active dogs play.

The release of GoPro Fetch coincides with that of a study from the University of Liverpool that estimates 40 per cent of dog owners don't take their dogs for a walk.

Earlier, in May, the results of a survey from the U.S.-based Association for Pet Obesity Prevention concluded that 54 per cent of dogs are either overweight or obese, so a little camera-rolling could reduce any extra flab Fido may have.

The Fetch is $59.99 at