Google Street View has headed to the misty waters of Loch Ness, Scotland for the 81st anniversary of the iconic photograph said to be of the enigmatic monster known as Nessie.

Now, monster hunters everywhere can jump into the legend and take a stab at spotting the long-necked beast that has captured imaginations worldwide for decades.

Google mounted a camera onto a boat to give viewers a 360° look around the 23-mile-long loch. Viewers can even peek into its dark peat-filled depths as Google's partners at the Catlin Seaview Survey snapped imagery below, according to Google's Official Blog.

The launch of the new feature, as well as a Google Doodle on its homepage, comes 81 years after Colonel Robert Wilson snapped the famed photo, known as the "Surgeon's photograph", of what appears to be a serpent-like creature rising above the murky water.