Google Maps has added transit information for 15,000 towns and cities around the world, in a move that could make the app a truly indispensable travel tool.

Since beginning the gargantuan task of adding public transit routes and schedules to the app in 2007, Google announced that they now have transit data plans for destinations across 64 countries in six continents.

Most notably, British residents and travelers alike can now use the app to look up transit and train information for any route, as operation map Great Britain is now complete.

In time for the World Cup, transit information has also been added for all 12 host cities in the country of Brazil.

And in Vancouver and Chicago, commuters can look up real-time updates on the fastest modes of transportation to popular destinations like Kitsilano or Wrigley Field, respectively.

Developers say they will continue to add more transit routes for destinations around the world.

According to Google, more than 70 percent of the world’s population is car-less.