Sundar Pichai, head of Android, has announced that software development kits for creating operating systems for everything from smartwatches to headsets are coming this month.

Pichai made the announcement at SXSW Interactive and said that the software development kits (SDKs) will not only make it easier for companies and individuals to use Android on fitness trackers, motion sensors and other wearable tech devices, it would also simplify data collection from sensors in order to create supporting apps and functionality.

Google has identified a need to create a common platform and language for wearable devices so that they work with each other and for the time being at least, Pichai said that this is where the company will be focusing its efforts.

It has no plans to announce a consumer-ready wearable tech device of its own, for the moment anyway.

In recent months, reports have emerged that Google is developing a smartwatch in collaboration with LG, and of course the company already makes one of the world's highest-profile wearable technology devices in the form of Google Glass. However, Pichai's comment that Google is not ready to make any consumer announcements suggests that the smart headset is still some way from being ready for the mass market.