(Relaxnews) - Opternative is a new company that wants to offer eye tests and prescriptions for new glasses or contacts via your computer's browser.

Clearly sick and tired of hearing people saying how staring at a computer screen is bad for your eyesight, the company's big idea is to dramatically simplify and streamline the current process for consumers who need to get new lenses or who are simply concerned that they might need to get a quick check-up just in case.

As well as being cheaper than a traditional appointment with an optician, consumers using Opternative won't need to do any legwork at all. No need to track down an eye doctor in the local area or have to take an appointment.

In fact the company claims that the online test takes just 10 minutes, and the resulting prescription can be used anywhere.

The company is not the only one offering online eye tests, but it is the only one that will be offering a true medical-grade exam when it officially launches this summer.

And unlike a number of techy businesses attempting to disrupt or move into the health space, Opternative was co-founded by an experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Steven Lee, who believed there must be an easier way to provide people with his services.

Although the company is now offering interested consumers the chance to sign up and register interest in using the service, Opternative won't be launching in its native US until this summer when it hopes to have obtained full FDA approval.

And until it does, its founders are keeping the details of the exams, including their look and feel, a secret.