It may be tempting to break out the credit card and snap up a Boxing Day deal, but you might want to save your hard-earned money for the next big thing in technology.

The world will get a preview of what’s to come in the world of gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), set for the second week of January.

Big names in the tech world will be showing off the latest and greatest big-screen TVs, smartphones, tablets, appliances and pretty much anything else a consumer could want to buy.

CTV News will be scouring the convention halls for the coolest gadgets, but here’s a look at five trends we expect to see:

Bigger (curved) screens

LG is among many electronics companies aiming to show that bigger is better, and to prove that, it is set to unveil a new 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV.

The world’s largest curved TV made to date will vie for attention alongside smartphones and tablets also featuring ever-larger displays.

If Samsung’s 6.3-inch Mega phone screen seemed massive in 2013, it’s likely we’ll see continued growth in the handset category – with a curve too. Reports suggest Samsung could pull the wraps off the Galaxy Round, which would feature a curved screen.

Wearable tech that keeps you fit, in the loop

Fitness trackers and smartwatches started to gain traction in 2013, but expect an onslaught of devices next year.

A step up from bracelets that monitor your physical activity, diet, and sleep patterns, expect more gizmos that plug into your health and tell you how to live better.

One new wearable gadget even claims to feature cardiac identification technology, drawn from an ECG it takes of your heart.

While a few smart watches have hit the market, the next wave will look better and offer more than just miniscule message notifications on your wrist.

Digital home

Last year, appliance manufacturers unveiled ovens that can be controlled by your phone, and refrigerators that let you stream music.

Although appliance makers haven’t figured out a way to automate the unloading of your dishwasher, there’ll likely be several new home automation gadgets at CES.

From smart locks to smart thermostats, there’ll be more ways to keep tabs on your home and control the comfort remotely.

And as prices keep dropping, expect to see more home automation devices that’ll let you adjust everything with your phone - from lighting to window coverings.

Connected cars

Traditionally slow to innovate when it comes to smart technology in the dashboard, automakers are catching up to the connected universe. So much so, a record number of auto manufacturers have booked exhibit space at CES.

Mercedes-Benz will unveil a smartwatch developed with Pebble that provides drivers with real-time road hazard updates and Siri activation. It can also help owners locate their vehicle in parking lots.

There’ll be several electric cars on display, including BMW’s all-electric BMW i3 featuring an in-car map that shows your expected driving range based on the vehicle’s electrical charge.

Aftermarket companies are also itching to show off more Android-powered entertainment systems.

The PC hangs on

Despite the popularity of traditional tablets and powerful smartphones, the PC isn’t dead yet. But it is struggling.

That means companies are working harder than ever to re-invent the sector with innovative devices that strive to serve up the best of both worlds.

Asus is unveiling the nifty Transformer Trio, an Android/Windows 8 dual-boot computer that goes from tablet to laptop to desktop computer, a device that seems ready to bridge the gap between traditional PCs and the Android mobile platform.

In addition to laptops that double as tablets, expect to see more powerful, yet space-saving all-in-one PCs with touchscreens.

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