Control your gadgets using gestures

Ziro unveiled the world's first hand-controlled modular robotics kit at CES 2016.

You can connect the robotic blocks to anything you have at hand – spare toy wheels, Lego – and then use the glove to control your new robot.

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High-tech home-brew system

With the Pico, you can brew your own fresh craft beer right at home. And it links up to the internet to automatically download recipes and help with brew tracking.

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A new way to get a bird's-eye view

Parrot is upping its drone game with the Disco – a fixed-wing, fast and maneuverable drone that has a fish-eye lens on its nose.

It doesn't hover, but it can fly at 80 km/h for 45 minutes.

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HTC gets in the VR game

HTC – a well-known cellphone maker – is bringing its own VR headset to the market: the Vive.

You can explore virtual worlds and play games, and it also warns you when you're getting too close to a real-world wall.

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Gamifying dental hygiene

New York-based Kolibree has created a fun way to make sure kids are brushing their teeth properly.

It's a smart device-connected toothbrush that turns the routine into a game to encourage better brushing. For adults, the brushes can provide feedback and data about brushing habits in real time.

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Smart wearables for your feet

Zhor-Tech's shoes pair up with smartphones to do the work of wrist-based fitness trackers: counting steps, calories and measuring distance moved.

But they also have a monitor that keeps track of sole wear and lets you know when to replace it so you're getting the most out of the shoe.

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Better fitness tracking on your smartphone

The Skulpt Chisel is an IndieGoGo-funded device that pairs up with your smartphone to show your body fat and muscle quality.

You can also get tailored fitness advice. It all connects to your smartphone and keeps track of your progress.

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Laundry and the Internet of Things

Marathon aims to bring laundry to the internet age with its connected washer-dryer combination.

It'll send an alert to your smart watch to let you know when the laundry is ready to fold. It also links up to your utility providers online to keep track of how much energy and water you're consuming.

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The dry cleaner for your closet

LG brought its home dry-cleaning alternative to CES 2016. It has room for jackets and pants and uses steam to get rid of wrinkles.

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