VANCOUVER - A report from BC Hydro says British Columbians are addicted to personal electronics, prompting a dramatic shift in electricity consumption across the province.

The report from the Crown-owned utility says B.C.'s obsession with devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets has hiked electricity use for small electronics by 150 per cent in less than 30 years.

The survey of 400 B.C. residents shows 20 per cent of those under 34 would give up a days' pay rather than be without their phone, while many more admit they may be fonder of their smartphone than their spouse.

One quarter agree they would rather skip contact with their partner for a day than give up their smartphone over the same period, while that number rises to one-third for those aged 55 to 64.

Twenty per cent of respondents admit to sleeping with their phone, 50 per cent check it the moment they wake up and two-thirds would forego their morning coffee for 48 hours rather than start the day without their device.

Smartphone owners are especially faithful, with the survey revealing they use their devices for nearly five hours every day. Hydro president Chris O'Riley says the desire to be connected is driving B.C.'s shift in power usage.