Mere months after doing away with the penny, reports are circulating that it’s back – but with a new look.

According to The Loop, the image of Prime Minister Stephen Harper will grace the one-cent coin, replacing the image of the Queen that has historically been featured on the penny.

Other Canadians considered for the penny were Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling.

Of course, astute Canadians will know this could never happen, as the penny has now been officially phased-out of circulation.

But the report is nevertheless just one of many just-beyond-plausible April Fool’s gags circulating online today.

The Toronto Transit Commission, for instance, announced an innovative way to address a slew of customer complaints with one simple solution.

Clipping your nails, indulging in fried chicken and blasting your music will all be considered acceptable behaviour on the TTC’s new ‘personal car’.

“Nail clipping. It seems to really bother people, but I can clip my nails on the personal car?” TTC spokesperson Brad Ross asks in a video posted to YouTube.

“Brad, it is the personal car,” Chief Customer Service Office Chris Uphold replies. “There is no point in even having a personal car if you can’t do your personal grooming in public.”

The gag video shows the TTC execs sprawled in the personal car, only to later reveal the service is not available – not even until noon Monday.

Technology giants Google, Twitter and YouTube also “revealed” a number of new features.

YouTube announced it would shut down on Monday to “finally pick a winner,” of its long-running contest.

In a video uploaded to the site, YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar said the company’s founders had no idea they’d get such a great response in their quest to find the best video in the world.

Users are encouraged to watch as many videos as possible before the contest comes to a close. With 70 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s a lofty task.

However, the site is not saying goodbye forever, according to 'competition director' Tim Liston.

“We will re-launch in 2023 featuring the winner of YouTube, and nothing else.”

Over at Twitter, company execs launched a new plan that allows users to be even more efficient with their 140-character tweets.

The social media giant unveiled Saturday a two-tiered service.

The basic free service,dubbed Twttr, features a consonant-only plan. And for $5 a month, the more grammatically-inclined users can keep their vowels with the premier Twitter plan.

The company tweeted out: "Trd th nw Twttr yt? Mr tm fr mr twts!", which translates to: Tried the new Twitter yet? More time for more tweets!”

"We're doing this because we believe that by eliminating vowels, we'll encourage a more efficient and 'dense' form of communication," Twitter said on its blog. "We also see an opportunity to diversify our revenue stream."

The company addressed the sticky 'Y' situation, ensuring users that the sometimes consonant, sometimes vowel will simply remain free.

Ever-innovating Google announced a slew of new products on Monday.

The Google Nose is marketed for those who don’t have the time to stop and smell the roses.

"Now, with Google Nose Beta, the roses are just a click away," says Google product manager Jon Wooly in a YouTube video advertising the product.

April Fool's Day also saw the evolution of Google’s Street View with the launch of "Treasure Mode."

In a YouTube video, the Street View team offers users handy tips on how to decipher map that purportedly contains clues to a sea captain's long lost treasures.

Other April Fools pranks circulating online today include: