(Relaxnews) - Amazon has sent out official invitations to an April 2 event that promises to offer an update on its video business.

The slightly cryptic line is being seen as code for the grand unveiling of Amazon's answer to Google's Chromecast and the Apple TV. A device for streaming video to a TV set, for gaming and for accessing other multimedia content, be it music or apps.

Rumors and reports that Amazon has been developing a set-top box have been circulating for the best part of a year.

At the moment, the industry seems to be agreed that Amazon is planning to launch both a simple streaming dongle (like the Chromecast) and a proper set-top box too -- like the Apple TV and Roku -- and customers can decide which one they want.

The set-top box will, of course, give consumers direct access to Amazon's huge catalogue of TV shows, films on demand and music but it will also support services from competitors, such as Netflix.

The device should also appeal to gamers, and, according to an in-depth report by TechCrunch, it could well be capable of not simply running smartphone and tablet games, but also of being capable of streaming full PC and Mac titles too.

However, we'll have to wait until Wednesday to see exactly what the device can do.