A light bulb which keeps shining even when the power goes off is the latest innovative design project to hit crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Smart Charge features grid and switch sensor technology which senses power cuts, and allows the bulb to function even without grid power.

The LED bulb can be placed into existing light fixtures -- either floor or ceiling lamps -- and is operated from existing wall switches.

The device contains a battery, a central processing unit and its own circuit board to enable it to function independently without mains electricity.

In the event of a power cut, the bulb will remember whether its switch was ‘on' or ‘off', and stay that way, unless the switch is flicked.

The energy-efficient LED bulb lasts for 40,000 hours or 25 years, or several power cuts.

Smart Charge is the brainchild of designer Shailendra Suman, from North Carolina, previously known for his development of the Gas Watch propane tank gauge.

The concept has been two years in the making but the first samples are set to be produced from January 2014 and shipping is scheduled for April.