Newborns might not come with instruction manuals, but these days, there are plenty of apps that work almost as well.

Tech expert Avery Swartz has compiled a list of her favourite five smartphone apps that she thinks makes the early days of parenting just a little smoother:

Baby Connect – An app that acts like a logbook for your baby’s daily routines. Parents and caregivers can use separate devices to track their little one’s sleep, diaper changes, feeding schedules and more

WebMD Baby app – Great for checking whether your child’s symptoms or behaviours are worrisome or perfectly normal using information from reputable medical sources

Cloud Baby Monitor – A simple app for turning an old iPad or other Apple device into a baby monitor

Qeepsake – Qeepsake helps parents create baby journals by sending you questions by text once a day about how your little one is developing It then collects the info to be assembled into a baby book of memories and milestones.

Chatbooks – Syncs to your Instagram feed and then automatically creates photobooks every time you’ve uploaded 60 photos. It then mails the books right to your door.