Montreal police say 25 people were arrested following a five-hour sit-in at a climate protest outside Premier Francois Legault's office on Saturday.

A statement from the U.K.-based group Extinction Rebellion, which organizes acts of civil disobedience to demand action on climate change, says that some of its members were taken into custody.

The protest began at around 2:30 p.m. and wound its way through the streets before ending in front of the premier's office, where protesters sat down in the road and sang, chanted and drew on the asphalt.

Martine Dubuc of the Montreal police says the protesters were arrested at around 5 p.m. after they refused to disperse to allow traffic to pass.

Police say some protesters are facing charges of obstructing the work of the officers, but all of them have been released from police custody.

Extinction Rebellion says 26 people were arrested in the operation that wrapped up around 9 p.m., but Montreal police say 25 people were arrested between the ages of 18 and 57.