The professional body that oversees nurses in Alberta has issued a warning about a woman wanted for impersonating a registered nurse in two provinces, and even obtaining work in the field.

Brigitte Cleroux Marier has been charged in Alberta for falsely impersonating a registered nurse, and is alleged to have worked as a registered nurse in both Alberta and Ontario.

The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta issued a release this week about Marier "in the interest of protecting the public."

The college alleges Marier has carried out acts that are considered dangerous when performed by unqualified persons, such as giving injections.

Marier, who has never been qualified to practice as a registered nurse, according to the college, is alleged to have used forged documents to get a nursing job in Alberta.

She was convicted in Ontario of similar offences and sentenced to six months in prison, fined $60,000 and received two years of probation.

In order to practice as a registered nurse, or use the title, in Alberta, one must be registered with CARNA and hold a valid practice permit.

Mike Berezowsky, a spokesperson with Service Alberta, told in a telephone interview that the agency laid fraud, uttering a forged document and personation (the criminal code term for impersonation) charges against Marier in February 2008 after she used someone else's identification to apply for an Alberta identification card.

Marier's whereabouts are currently unknown, but the college says there is no reason to believe she has left Alberta.

She currently has outstanding warrants for her arrest in both Ontario and Alberta, the college says.

Neither Ontario RCMP nor Calgary Police could confirm to Wednesday afternoon reports that Marier has been arrested in Ontario. All Calgary Police will say about the case is that the service believes Marier is no longer in the Calgary area.