Arson investigators in Calgary are probing the cause of a spectacular fire that burned down a Hell's Angels clubhouse on Sunday night.

Firefighters rushed to the scene of the fire at an acreage in Calgary's east end at about 7 p.m. local time.

By the time they arrived, however, the blaze was too intense for firefighters to risk searching the home, said Acting Battalion Chief Bob Akins.

"They went in to initially begin fire attack, they found the floors were compromised in the home, they had already burned through, they went defensive on the fire and pulled the crews out immediately," Akins told reporters at the scene.

No one was hurt in the massive fire, which send clouds of billowing smoke and flame into the night sky.

Arson investigators are probing the scene where the now-destroyed house stood, in hopes of determining the cause of the fire.

Until that investigation is complete, Calgary police are saying little about the fire.

"Police at this point have not identified a cause," said CTV Calgary's Kumutha Ramanathan, reporting from the scene early Monday morning. "They say they're going to wait until arson investigators arrive on the scene to confirm the cause of the fire."

So far there is no estimate of the cost of the damage inflicted by the fire.