Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has served Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and PC MPP Lisa MacLeod with a libel notice over accusations of gas plant wrongdoing.

A spokesperson for the premier’s office confirmed the legal action Friday, and said a notice of libel has also been served to the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

“Premier Wynne gave the opportunity for Mr. Hudak to pull back from his unfounded statement,” the spokesperson wrote. “Unfortunately, he did not.”

The notice of libel comes a week after new allegations from Ontario Provincial Police that former premier Dalton McGuinty’s chief of staff hired a staffer’s boyfriend to wipe out government hard drives that contained information about the $1.1 billion gas plant scandal.

Wynne said Tuesday that her lawyer had sent Hudak a cease-and-desist order after he alleged that Wynne was behind a plan to wipe computer hard drives in the premier’s office.

Wynne said she did not order anyone to destroy the information, but acknowledged that a tech expert who was given access to government computers had separate contracts with both the Liberal party and Liberal caucus.

However, Wynne said no members of McGuinty’s staff had access to the premier’s office once she took over.

Wynne’s press secretary told CTV Toronto’s Paul Bliss Friday that no public funding is being used for the legal action.

With files from The Canadian Press