OTTAWA – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu celebrated a "special occasion" Sunday night in Brampton, but Singh's office says the celebration was neither an engagement, or a wedding.

Rather, it was a "celebration of the families meeting for the first time officially," James Smith, Singh’s press secretary told CTV News. Smith said that while this "could be" the start of the engagement process for Singh, 38 and Sidhu, 27, it does not mean the two are engaged.

A series of photos and videos posted to the Instagram page for Jangiiro, the custom Punjabi clothing line Sidhu, runs with her sister, detail the evening.

Jagmeet Singh

In one video, Singh is shown thanking various DJs for attending the "special occasion." Other posts describe Sidhu as a "bride to be" and Singh the "groom to be". Another shows the couple and other attendees dancing to bhangra music.

Jagmeet Singh

On Monday, Toronto-based wedding photographer Gagandeep Singh, posted a photo of the couple in the traditional Punjabi outfits they wore at the party. The photographer described the celebration as a "Rokha."

There is a Punjabi pre-wedding ceremony where the two meet each other’s families, called a Roka, but Singh’s office said the couple did not want to use that term to describe the event.

"Congrats to the future Prime Minister of Canada @jagmeetsingh & the future First Lady @ginu_sidhu on their Rokha!! #jagmeetandginu," the post reads.


One of the DJs in attendance, DJ K Square, posted a video clip of the couple walking into a room.

"We've done house parties before but this one is definitely special. Another Engagement tonight alongside @djssquared @djksquare for @jagmeetsingh and @ginu_sidhu . . Special thx to @jodhveerdhaliwal . . #engangement #vvip #partywithksquare" posted one of the DJ’s.


Despite the NDP leader's office downplaying the big party as the equivalent of a couples' parents having dinner for the first time, social media users have been offering their congratulations to Singh and Sidhu.


Singh's office was unable to confirm how long the two had been a couple.

Seven days ago, Sidhu was on Parliament Hill for a holiday party.



holiday party in parliament hill ��

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She was also sitting near Singh when he was named leader of the federal NDP in October.