OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered brief remarks at the memorial for shooting victims at the Alexander the Great Parkette on Danforth Avenue in Toronto on Monday.

Trudeau, accompanied by Liberal MP for Beaches-East York Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, took a few questions from reporters, including on the federal government eyeing tougher handgun restrictions.

He said the federal government is currently looking at what’s being done in other jurisdictions, as well as "the best data," to make a decision that will keep communities safe.

"We are looking at a broad range of things. We’re going to make the right decisions for the long-term," Trudeau said.

The parkette has been the place where people have been laying flowers, cards and teddy bears since the July 22 shooting. Many were gathered there for Trudeau’s remarks, including one heckler who called him "disingenuous." Others then chimed in telling the young man that this was "not the time or place."

Trudeau's visit to the site came after he attended the funeral for Reese Fallon, the 18-year-old woman who was one of two people killed in the shooting rampage.

Trudeau said it was an honour to attend the service.

Fallon was involved with the Young Liberals, the youth wing of the Liberal Party of Canada, and was a constituent of Erskine-Smith.

"If there was one lesson I learned and was reinforced for me this morning … it was that so many young people like her are both optimistic and realistic. Optimistic, knowing that the world can be, and will be a better place, but realistic knowing that young people need to roll up their sleeves and get involved and be part of shaping that better world."

Being at her funeral and seeing the young people there reminded him of his younger brother Michel’s service 20 years ago, Trudeau said.

"I just wanted to tell them that they were going to be remembering and celebrating Reese throughout their lives," he said.

With files from The Canadian Press