Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau seems to regret his recent use of profanity at a charity boxing match, saying he heard about it from his wife when he got home Saturday night.

“If you had seen the scolding Sophie gave me, you would have wished you’d used a different adjective too,” Trudeau told reporters Monday at a stop in Ajax, Ont.

Trudeau was addressing the audience from the boxing ring at a Fight for the Cure event Saturday night in Gatineau, Que., where two years before he had beaten now-suspended Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a charity match.

Trudeau told the cheering crowd: “I will tell you: there is no experience like stepping into this ring and measuring yourself…Not for your name, your fortune, your intelligence, your beauty, none of that f-----g matters.”

Trudeau was swiftly criticized by the Prime Minister’s Office for his choice of words. “This is yet another example of Justin Trudeau’s lack of judgment,” the PMO said in a brief statement to CTV News on Sunday.

Trudeau responded to the rebuke Monday, saying: “It was fight night at the casino and I let my emotions get a little overheated.”

Trudeau added he would rather question the government’s judgment on other issues, including the appointments to the senate of Brazeau and Mike Duffy.

“Whether it’s for senators or executive directors or chiefs of staffs, this is just a government that has shown itself to be incapable of putting the right people in the right place,” he said.